Author: Nate Miyaki

Nate Miyaki is a fitness author, athlete, and coach. He has run a private personal training and nutrition consulting practice for the past twelve years, working with a wide variety of clients, ranging from professional athletes to busy professionals who simply want to ditch the man boobs, muffin tops, and poor biomarkers of health. Nate was a 2009 Musclemania America natural bodybuilding champion and 2004 NPC Max Muscle Naturals champion. Not that he enjoys mean mugging people while twirling around in posing panties (???), he just likes to show that he has some type of practical experience. He has also trained in Capoeira and acrobatics, and in a former life he performed stunts while touring as a professional wrestler. Nate's mission is to merge paleo/evolutionary nutrition theory with modern sports nutrition science in order to take a healthy approach to physique development. More importantly, he believes his combination of formal education and practical experience is unique. Nate is only scared of three things in life: snakes, port-o-potties, and belly fat.

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