Author: Sarah Bolandi

From age 8 through 18, Sarah struggled with her weight in some way or another and had the curse of curves before it was attractive and twigs were still a catch. Growing up in Nebraska, she spent a lot of time on the softball field, but also spent a lot of time not caring about what she ate. After high school, Sarah started losing weight through this glorious thing called exercise! She would work out with little understanding of what she was doing, but she knew it was good for her. Slowly the weight started to come off and Sarah began understanding what a powerful tool exercise can be for your body and your mind. Since 2008, Sasrah dedicated herself to becoming the healthiest version of herself possible. From wall climbing to half marathons, from couscous to avocados, she have spent several years finding new and healthy ways to change her body and ultimately change her confidence and attitude. Sarah is finally at her goal weight, but still researching and experimenting with foods, supplements, and workouts that can transform her body into her ideal physique. Sarah believes you can never stop being a healthier you. Without any formal education in the field or training, she is her own guinea pig and has gained significant knowledge from just that. From one average Jane to another, Sarah is here to show you that you don’t have to be a professional body builder or a certified instructor to change your life. With a background in communications, Sarah started her own blog, Bumfuzzled Jane, as an outlet to share her thoughts on many things, specifically a healthy lifestyle.

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