Author: Sarah Gulyamova

Sarah, although once a dedicated squash player and cardio enthusiast (in short ten meter bursts), decided after almost a decade of being on court to hang up the racket and try her hand at weightlifting. Since walking into her first club, she has done everything possible to let everyone know how great weightlifting is. Sarah enjoys spending most of her time in the gym, covered in chalk, while lifting heavy things overhead. When not training herself, Sarah can be found coaching her athletes or lecturing at the Australian College of Physical Education in Sydney. When not coaching or lecturing, Sarah spends the rest of her time studying her Masters in Strength and Conditioning, pouring over the most recent weightlifting news reports, or sinking her teeth into the latest weightlifting research. Sarah founded the weightlifting club Atletika Weightlifting with her husband, which is based in Burwood in Sydney, New South Wales. They have an active team that is constantly expanding and aims to dominate the Aussie weightlifting scene in the future.

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