Author: Shayna Dudak

Shayna grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was raised by her awesome single father. She moved south as a young adult and now resides near Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Shayna is a happy wife to a great guy who works extremely hard for his family. She is also a proud mom to a beautiful ten-year-old girl who just happens to be a national champ at Olympic weightlifting. Shayna tries her best to take care of an active family paleo style. She likes to find humor in everything. She is an athlete and a rescue mom to five fur-kids. Last but certainly not least, she is an extremely grateful recovering alcoholic who just happens to take solace and sanity in her fitness. Check out Shayna's Facebook page and her Meathead Mama blog. You can also read her newest blog project to get a play by play of her most recent journey over the last year. If you have ever thought of leaving CrossFit or another sport and doing any type of bodybuilding competition it's the blog for you.

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