Author: Ted Sloan

Ted Sloan has aspired to coach athletes in strength and conditioning since high school. He played basketball and baseball growing up and participated in collegiate baseball and track. It has always been apparent to Coach Ted that performance and longevity can be manipulated through proper training protocols. Ted has had the opportunity to intern under the amazing guidance of Coach Mike Lynn and Coach Eric Schmitt with UCLA's Olympic Sport Strength & Conditioning program. Since being a part of UCLA, Coach Ted has continued his education by studying under top Strength Coach Charles Poliquin, first woman Strength Coach in the NFL, Lee Brandon, previous Olympic contestant in track, Dean Lang and track coach Charles Debus. Coach Ted operates with the understanding that in order to provide the best coaching experience, he must never cease learning. Life is a learning and growing experience and a person can never truly understand everything. As a result, he uses modalities from many different methods and teachers including Postural Restoration, Michael Boyle, Charles Poliquin, Gary Gray, Gray Cook, Joe DeFranco and Lee Taft to name a few. Since being a part of UCLA, Ted has coached athletes at Velocity Sports Performance in West Los Angeles, working with youth, collegiate, amateur and professional athletes in over 15 sports.

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