Author: Tim Bransdon

A podiatrist by trade, Tim is the founder of The Running Lab and StrongFeet, where performance – in life as well as running – and injury prevention are achieved by training and strengthening dysfunctional feet rather than supporting existing weaknesses. Tim is generally easy going until you mention the words “support” and “feet” in the same sentence. Do so only if you have a spare 30 minutes for a blunt (but enlightening) education on the amazing hidden potential of the 66 joints and 40 muscles that are your feet. Tim has lived and breathed sport since being thrown into a swimming pool long before he could walk. Many years of cricket and rugby league followed, before donating his body to rugby union at an elite level for 10 years. These days you will spot Tim training to be strong, healthy and awesome for life at his local CrossFit in Wollongong, Australia… barefoot, of course.

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