Author: Vickie Saunders

Vickie Saunders is the founder of The Sponsorship Consultants and is fast becoming one of Australia's most recognised thought leaders on athlete sponsorship. Her combined passion for athlete sponsorship and identifying opportunities within and between existing networks led her to start The Sponsorship Consultants, with a clear focus on empowering athletes and sponsors with the knowledge, skills and strategies to create and manage commercially effective sponsorship. Vickie has developed a practical, relevant methodology for athletes and businesses to engage, maintain and retain valuable and effective sponsorships. Her sponsorship work focuses on the relationships already in place as well as the creation of new partnerships, and facilitating the process of their development over time through empowering her clients with skills, tools and knowledge. Vickie is a powerful speaker, trainer and coach. She splits her time between delivering seminars, workshops, and sponsorship programmes. Her book Sponsorship for Athletes has inspired and empowered hundreds of athletes, and is soon to be followed with her business book How to Sponsor Athletes.

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