Author: Wayne Fisher

Wayne Fisher (also known as both “Fish” and “Scrapper” if you ever talk to him) has done a lot of things. He was a Navy diver for ten years, worked with the Navy SEALs for four years, fought in the first MMA fights in Hawaii (when it was bare-knuckle craziness), created and ran Body by Fish (which became the largest boot camp program in Hawaii), was a commercial diver, and has been offering bodyweight programs online since 2000. And he’s a perpetual wise-ass. Wayne is the founder of Train for Strength> and his workouts have been used by people from all walks of life. Weekend warriors, military members trying out for Special Forces selection, police officers, fire fighters, MMA fighters and coaches, and just about anyone can utilize his workouts. Having trained with some of the world’s best military personnel, the occasional strongman, and elite martial artists, Wayne has an interesting background. This keeps his workouts unique and challenging enough to generate more than enough emails filled with name calling and cursing – but usually ask for another more challenging workout. Wayne currently lives in Fallbrook, California and runs an English Bulldog rescue.

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