Author: Wes Kennedy

Wes developed his passion for fitness during his eight years in the Canadian Forces. He spent the last five years as a Special Forces Operator, which required him to develop into a mentally tough and physically robust individual. Wes believes that every person goes through various levels of growth throughout their lives, but they all follow the same general cycle. They aspire to achieve something beyond which they are capable of in that moment. They then grow, learn, and develop themselves in pursuit of these goals. And by doing this repeatedly over time, they begin to excel not only at these various skill sets, but at life as a whole. Wes’s goal is to provide a system to coach and mentor people through this process as effectively as possible. While he trains people for physical performance goals, he incorporates aspects of assessment, nutrition coaching, stress management and lifestyle practices, as well as individualized program design so each athlete experiences much more than just great fitness results. Wes provides a first-class remote coaching experience to athletes in Canada, the United States, and around the world. He believe the individual comes first, and that coaches should not push their wants and needs onto the athlete, but rather help the athlete discover his or her own path in the world of fitness by listening to and guiding the athlete on his or her journey. Wes specializes in training CrossFit athletes and Special Forces candidates.

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