Awake & Evolve: Cycle 1 – Advanced Pose Play ~Focus on Hip Opening

The first cycle of Awake & Evolve workouts focuses on balancing the chakras and relieving stress and tension with gentle yoga stretches.


Warming the Body

This practice is most effective after a workout or a sweaty yoga practice. Move through at least 5 rounds of sun salutations to prepare the body for this practice.


Head Behind the Knee Pose

Start in a deep lunge on the right leg, taking 10 deep breaths to open the hips. Begin to gently move the body into head behind the knee pose. If your flexibility is limited stay in a deep lunge and simply place the forearms on the mat for support. Stay in the pose for 10-15 deep breaths.


Flying Pigeon – Arm Balance Pose

From head to knee pose slowly shift your balance forward and move into to flying pigeon pose. Snuggle the bent right leg up into the chest as you begin to take the weight of your body into your hands and lift the back left leg. Stay here for 5 breaths. If you wish to go deeper in the pose, extend the front right leg to move into the full expression of the arm balance.


Splits Practice

Slowly work your way into a split on the left leg with the right leg extended back behind you on your mat. Be mindful and listen to your body taking your time to work with your breath to go deeper in the pose. Stay in the pose for 10-15 deep breaths.

Repeat this this entire vinyasa 2 rounds on each side.