Awake & Evolve: Cycle 1 – Deep Twisting Flow

The first cycle of Awake & Evolve workouts focuses on balancing the chakras and relieving stress and tension with gentle yoga stretches.



Find a comfortable seated pose, closing your eyes, and take 3-5 minutes to center yourself with deep breathing.


Seated Twisting Flow

Come to a simple seated pose and bring the right leg in front and the left leg slightly behind you. Begin to twist to the side as you extend the arms. Gently move back and forth from each side twisting and opening the and spine and core. Stay here with this flow for 5-10 rounds on each side.


Standing Twisting Flow

Find downward dog pose and take 5-10 deep breaths. Focus your attention on an open mouthed exhale, to release toxins from the body. From downward dog step the left leg forward into crescent pose and twist to open the pose on the left side, opening the arm back behind you to go deeper. Stay here for 5 deep breaths and move back into downward dog pose. Step the right leg into crescent pose and repeat the twisting flow on the opposite side. Come back to downward dog pose and step into crescent pose with the left leg this time moving deeper into a bound twisting pose. Stay in the pose for 5-10 deep breaths and repeat the twist on the opposite side.

***Yogi’s Challenge

Move through the vinyasa 2-4 full rounds of the flow, listening to your body and your energy level.