Awake & Evolve: Cycle 2 – Feel Good Yoga

The second cycle of Awake & Evolve workouts focuses on using the breath, building upper body stamina, and fostering a habit of regular meditation.


Warming the Body
This practice is most most beneficial after a workout when the body is still warm and supple. It is recommended that you complete 5-10 rounds of sun salutations to warm the body and prepare to go deeper.
Shoulder Opener

Lying on your back with the knees bent, bring the arms up and reach to grab the opposite shoulder. Close the eyes as you gently open the shoulders and relax the head and neck along the floor. Stay in the pose for 3-5 minutes.
Seated Forward Bend

Extend the legs on your mat, sitting upright. Take a deep inhale and gently begin to drape the body over the legs on the exhale. Use the breath as you inhale and extend upward, and as you exhale extend forward towards the floor. Experiment with holding this forward bend for 3-5 minutes.