Awake & Evolve: Cycle 3 – Gratitude Meditation Part 1

The third cycle of Awake & Evolve workouts builds strength and endurance in the lower body, with brief meditations to calm the mind and relieve stress.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others”.

Marcus Tullius Cicero 

Gratitude Meditation

Sit or lay in a comfortable position, and listen to your breath.

Identify 5-10 things (person, place, or thing) that you are grateful for today.

Once you have the list made, repeat this as you listen to your breath.

“I am grateful for ______,”.

As you go down the list take the time to meditate on each aspect you are grateful for in your life today.

Try to remain present, as you allow the mind to wander through the incoming thoughts.

Listen to the breath as it remains smooth and even, staying with the meditation as long as you wish.

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