Body Adiposity Index – A New BMI?

The Body Mass Index (BMI) has been used to assess body fat for many years. The BMI is number calculated using weight and height.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) has been used to assess body fat for many years. The BMI is measurement calculated using weight and height. This measurement indicates four different weight ranges: underweight, normal, overweight, and obese. The BMI has been challenged by researchers due to the fact that it doesn’t measure bones, fat, and muscles. It has also been criticized for categorizing and mislabeling athletes as obese and/or overweight.

Recently researchers developed a new method for measuring body fat. The Body Adiposity Index (BAI) is a ratio of hip circumference to height. Researchers assert that hip circumference and height are strongly correlated with an individuals body fat percentage and which provides a good anthropometric measurement to create the BAI. According to researchers the BAI can be used to indicate body fat percentage for adult men and women of differing ethnicities.

This new tool can also be easily calculated by doctors or nurses with a computer or calculator. The BAI can be used in many different environments and remote locations. However, researchers note that the BAI is still in need of research and development with a wider demographic of subjects.

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