Building a Healthy Body, and Active Mind, and Strong Relationships

Dr. Wendy Walsh talks about the mental aspects of health and how the ways in which we sabotage our relationships can impact our general well-being.

Dr. Wendy Walsh is a human behaviors expert. She teaches Health Psychology at California State University Channel Islands and speaks often about pro-aging (mental and physical wellness,) gender dynamics and relationship science. She is an award-winning television journalist, radio host, an influencer and brand ambassador. Time Magazine named her one of the Persons of the Year in 2017 for her work in helping to pave the way for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

In this latest edition of the Outliers podcast for Breaking Muscle, I am talking to Dr. Walsh primarily about the mental aspects of health answering the question of what does an actual healthy person look like in totality.

Although some people may appear healthy from the outside, in their physical appearance, Dr. Walsh talks about all the components of a healthy life. Healthy people treat their body a little bit like a temple as far as diet, exercise, sleep, but then psychologically they have good stress coping habits.

They are able to do some mindfulness and find ways to be able to calm themselves so that stress and cortisol levels don’t get the best of them. In addition, healthy people tend to have secure healthy relationships, both social relationships within the community and interpersonal one-on-one relationships.

There’s a lot of great ideas and concepts to dig into here, dealing with isolation, infantile urges in our adult attachments, and general behaviors that sabotage our wellbeing. So, it’s not just enough to be physically healthy, you need to be healthy in your mindfulness, and healthy in your relationships, whatever they may be.

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