Here's a quick way to build the type of muscle that is like the lean striated muscle of leopards not plumped up chicken breasts filled with water.
Once thought to be a waste product of anaerobic metabolism, lactate is now known to form continuously under aerobic conditions, the key to what is happening with metabolism.
The elasticity of the brain tissue appeared to have a greater effect on cognitive performance than size.
Deborah Robinson took up weightlifting at an age when most people are struggling with physical activity.
The key to superior work capacity is simple conditioning, not continuous high intensity work.
When it comes to aerobic exercise, believing isn't enough. You have to do the work.
Let's look at the origins of Tabata workouts, why and how they worked, and how other intervals may work for you too.
I know reality sucks, but you need to be aware of the nonsense out there so you can implement a training program that is realistic and practical to your genetic endowment.