aerobic exercise

Adding intensity to an overstressed athlete is a recipe for burnout and injury, so be sure to find a balance.
Use these three pillars of training wisely to increase performance and reduce the chances of injury.
High-intensity protocols may be all the rage, but they're no substitute for the benefits of plain old cardio.
Biggest Loser star, Jillian Michaels, presents video workouts from famous trainers. We take it for a test run.
According to new research from Penn University, there is a way to activate the "browning process" that can turn white fat cells into brown fat cells.
The ADA has released new guidelines. More activity can improve glucose control and encourage weight loss.
Aerobic exercise may be the key to reversing the effects of aging on androgen levels.
Runner's High might be a product of evolution that sets us apart from many other species.
With Thanksgiving fast approaching there is no better time than now for this report.
Exercise and health isn't just about what you do, it's about what's behind your motivation. Do what works.
When it comes to aerobic exercise, believing isn't enough. You have to do the work.
A new study reviewed the research to find the best ways to lose weight and keep it off.
A new study underlined need for acid buffering capacity and tolerance of acidosis in elite boxers.
Most of us will benefit far more from learning how the pros got to where they are, rather than what they do now.
You’ll be amazed at the difference this approach can make. You’ll be strong, fit, and recover from hard sessions almost instantly.
A new study examined the effects of strength training and cardio on metabolic disorder risk.
Fitness is not only good for children’s bodies, but also for their minds. A recent study suggest that there is a cognitive benefit to at least a base level of fitness.