Talent without long and focused work will yield exactly the same result as no talent at all.
The things you hate have nothing to do with running, and everything to do with how you understand it.
Whether or not you reach your potential hinges on your ability to work and wait.
Your strength coaches have a lot more to teach you than just how to put more plates on the bar.
A mindset of persistent thankfulness can help you find and stay in the zone.
Be a force for good in your jiu jitsu world and crush negativity into the mat.
Successful gym owners have five important attitudes in common.
No one else can make this happen for you. No one else can fix you. It’s on you.
One student attends class because that is what he thinks needs to be done. The other student arrives ready to train. What sets them apart?
Why is your injury just not healing? It could be for reasons you never thought of. Fix these and you will be well on the way to fixing yourself.
What can reveal the most about an athlete, can make or break a game, and can reach viral status? That’s right. Attitude.
It’s that time of year when we promise ourselves we will be better. I challenge you to make a different set of resolutions this year. Focus on your body’s abilities, not it’s faults.