A new guest each month, interviewed by Greg Walsh and hosted by Breaking Muscle. This week, challenging the orthodoxy of the fitness industry with the founders of The Sect in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The power of routine and the cultivation of discipline in your every-day life is essential if you want to perform at your best.
The first step to creating empowered women is never to tell them they can't.
Every gym, fitness, studio, and CrossFit box has a unique set of values and beliefs. What most gym owners won’t tell you too often is that they need you.
This study says that how you perceive a sport determines how hard it is, and that the placebo effect can help make your activity less strenuous.
After being away so long, a few simple bodyweight exercises and a jog around the block just about moved me to tears.
In training, there's what everybody else is doing, and then there's what produces the best results. Results rule.
Talent without long and focused work will yield exactly the same result as no talent at all.
The things you hate have nothing to do with running, and everything to do with how you understand it.
Whether or not you reach your potential hinges on your ability to work and wait.
Your strength coaches have a lot more to teach you than just how to put more plates on the bar.
A mindset of persistent thankfulness can help you find and stay in the zone.
Even if you're a high-level trainer or coach to a world-class lifter, you need to know your place.
Be a force for good in your jiu jitsu world and crush negativity into the mat.
Successful gym owners have five important attitudes in common.
No one else can make this happen for you. No one else can fix you. It’s on you.
One student attends class because that is what he thinks needs to be done. The other student arrives ready to train. What sets them apart?