Here are five sure-fire upper body routines that can be a part of any strength, power, weight-loss, and/or general fitness program. I’ve also attached recording forms for you to log your workouts.
Back pain is one of the most commonly grumbled about training, and life, annoyances.
A great exercise for rear delts, traps, rhomboids and rotator cuff muscles.
An effective exercise to complement your other back work.
A staple lat building exercise using a dumbbell.
Simple and effective upper body workout.
Getting injured at some point is unavoidable, but there are strategies that will improve your odds of staying healthier, longer.
Regain balance from left to right with these three easy and feel-good exercises.
Use this mobility sequence to improve the function of your thoracic back and help your overhead squat.
Yoga is all about balance, and if you have chronic back pain that's exactly what your body needs.
Don't get suckered by pseudo-science. Here's a real look at why your back is causing you trouble.
Try one or all of these simple exercises to alleviate tension from your neck to your hips.
With this exercise we are specifically recruiting the strength of the glutes and the rectus abdominis.
Taking a quick break to follow along with the video will get you moving, stretched, and reenergized.
The counter stretch is a fantastic way of extending and easing your back when you are on the road.
In the first of a new calisthenics series, Al Kavadlo shares four exercises for the posterior chain.