back pain

Back pain is one of the most commonly grumbled about training, and life, annoyances.
Feeling tingly? It could be love--or it could be sciatica (that not so fun pain that runs down your leg and makes it hard to bend over). Read on to make sure!
As an athlete, learning how to recover your back post-injury is a key component to successful long-term training.
Facing your own weaknesses can challenge even your most fundamental principles.
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Stabilization of the lumbar spine and pelvis is necessary for any athletic endeavor or even just being healthy.
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The causes of your back pain aren't just in your back, and neither will be the solutions.
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The root cause of your back pain may be the way you breathe.
Sitting is the mortal enemy of health, and posture is its first victim. Reverse the damage you've already done.
Here's a comprehensive guide on five exercises to bring your posture back into healthy, pain-free alignment.
Use these three exercises consistently to keep your back strong and flexible and ward off pain.