Best Exercise

You can carry sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, or anything. The more awkward the better but do loaded carries as part of your training.
A study by the University of Jyväskylä suggests that exercise motivation is improved in people who take up resistance training.
Rip away your old beliefs that food makes you fat and that lifting weights is for The Hulk.
The vast majority of people who are working out right now are in a globo gym and the vast majority of them don't have proper coaching
The one-arm press can't be beat for strength, power, or rehabilitation.
Want to get bigger and stronger? Here's one question you can use to figure out which exercises to choose.
These lower body workouts don't need any equipment except - you guessed it - your legs.
Cycling is a great activity for recreation and sport, but it does have its drawbacks. Cross-training can help restore balance.
Runners who perform plyometric exercises run faster and more economically than those who don’t.
Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted a higher vertical jump. Here are the two things that make a difference.
“Well, that sucked.” My client put his kettlebells on the ground, contemplating how in the world he got crushed by such little weight.
These exercises will work on weak points and enhance on-the-job performance, whether you’re a town cop, state trooper, or SWAT.
Here are some ideas for combining exercises to create safe, effective upper body workouts for kids.
This week's picks are all about building you up, filling in the holes in the training, and creating a better, stronger, faster you.
A new study compared the effectiveness of burpees and cycling intervals. Suprisingly, people would rather do burpees.
I believe that paused rollouts, Pallof presses, and loaded carries are some of your best choices for stable abs.
This time, Al Kavadlo demonstrates six of his favorite bodyweight exercises for the core.