body composition

BMI can give a false impression of the nature of health. There are more important metrics.
Chances are, if your fitness program isn't personalized, you’re going to run into problems either with the lack of results or, worse still, injuries.
There isn't any convincing evidence showing fat loss causes metabolic damage; however, observations are more indicative of reversible adaptive thermogenesis.
Not everyone is rushing to get back to the gym.
The guidelines to follow to optimize performance by structuring workouts and nutrition for the best results.
Ladies, creatine can help you improve your health, fitness, recovery, and overall physique.
The primary reason for dieting is to decrease body fat levels so it is important to find out what works for you.
If you are not creating an environment for growth, you are creating one for injury.
Always remember to stay open minded to new ways of lifting in order to maximize your genetic potential.
Your sleeping patterns could be slowing you down from achieving your fitness and body composition goals.
If you can’t abide at the gym by participating with genuine heartfelt presence the way you would at church, then you should find someplace else to go.
By selecting exercises to build maximal strength, while limiting unnecessary risk of injury, you can build a bulletproof body that will perform as well as it looks.
It can be hard to accept, or incorporate, ideas from another area when your current group is grounded upon certain principles.
Lean and fat mass change together, making the whole process more complicated.
It's July. Realistically, your northern hemisphere summer beach body dreams are over. You've got to see the bigger picture!
Expediency is never the correct answer when it comes to your health and fitness.
Each sport has its own requirements for body composition, and that is what makes different sporting disciplines unique.