body composition

Your sleeping patterns could be slowing you down from achieving your fitness and body composition goals.
If you can’t abide at the gym by participating with genuine heartfelt presence the way you would at church, then you should find someplace else to go.
By selecting exercises to build maximal strength, while limiting unnecessary risk of injury, you can build a bulletproof body that will perform as well as it looks.
It can be hard to accept, or incorporate, ideas from another area when your current group is grounded upon certain principles.
Lean and fat mass change together, making the whole process more complicated.
It's July. Realistically, your northern hemisphere summer beach body dreams are over. You've got to see the bigger picture!
Expediency is never the correct answer when it comes to your health and fitness.
Each sport has its own requirements for body composition, and that is what makes different sporting disciplines unique.
It's time to renegotiate the terms of your relationship with the demon on your bathroom floor.
An overly-simplistic relationship between calories in and calories out doesn't cut and the scientific realities of weight loss are not that hard to understand so, learn a better way.
A clean bulk is one thing, but gains so slow you can't measure them might not be useful.
A calorie deficit is necessary to reveal those abs, but being hangry all the time isn't.
You can spend your energy chasing prepackaged solutions, or you can dig deeper and address your core issues.
The ideal approach for most people's goals is to get the most work done in the smallest amount of time.
As we get more experienced, sometimes we lose sight of mastering the simple things in our quest for complexity.
Chasing some new diet dogma isn't going to fix your underlying issues.
If we want a healthier nation, we can't keep treating people who take care of themselves as freaks.