Some of you may think you will never be strong enough to do pull ups, but you are.
You're watching everyone else cracking on and you feel a bit crappy in comparison. Tomorrow, tomorrow you’ll do it.
Once you learn to master your mindset you’ll gain the fluidity and inner resources to dominate your goals.
It depends. That's the best answer for anyone who wants to know what to do in the gym because fitness has plenty of fads, buzzwords, crazes, and trends that just don't work.
The point of these workouts is to stay on track with your fitness rather than making up an excuse to skip.
The most important thing to recognize is that you must never go back to that old version of yourself—be your own hero instead.
Motivation is overrated, discipline is what sets people apart.
Sometimes the loudest and most ludicrous person peddling the most laughable stuff gets noticed the most.
Be smarter this winter about how you approach increasing your strength.
If you can't keep doing what you're doing, you'll never get where you're trying to go.
Life is going to happen, but you can't use it as an excuse to only train once per week.
If your progress has come off the rails, chances are your mistake is in your head, not in the gym.
Hold yourself accountable for the physique and health goals you want to accomplish.
With Thanksgiving fast approaching there is no better time than now for this report.
Inconsistency in your training doesn’t just leave you weak, it leaves you injury prone.
Just because you're not at your best doesn't mean you should give up on your plan for the day.
I’ve been at this game for a long time, and I am still amused when people ask what the key to success is.