Skip the diets and challenges, and just put something green on your plate.
The job of your brain is to keep us alive and it doesn't don't care whether or not we lose 15 pounds.
Chasing some new diet dogma isn't going to fix your underlying issues.
By changing your mindset and setting yourself up for success, it is possible to maintain your nutritional program while still enjoying your summer.
The ketogenic diet is superior for keeping body fat levels low and does still enable you to build muscle, just at a slower rate.
No single element of a celebrity's success will be the key to your own.
Your meal strategy has been making you gain weight all along.
Don't believe the naysayers who will tell you everything is beyond your control.
You keep putting the weight back on because you never changed your lifestyle.
If we’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic, why are we always so hungry?
If your brain does not work optimally, you do not work optimally.
We focus on the wrong things when talking about fat loss.
Fresh fish and kale is a bright and nutritious meal.
There will never be a blanket diet that will work for everyone because every single person is different.
Here's how to change your relationship with food for good.
Training for a figure competition can be a maze of unhealthy behaviors, but I'm trying a different plan.
These three small changes will offer huge benefits in the way you feel in and out of the gym.