A calorie deficit is necessary to reveal those abs, but being hangry all the time isn't.
A proper diet really is more of a focus on behavior change, so make sure your behavior matches your goals.
The solution to your plateau may lie in a better understanding of the way your body handles energy.
Knowing your mind and body gives you a huge advantage over how successful your diet will be.
Here's the dirt on clean eating: there are problems with restrictive diets that go beyond bad semantics.
There's no way your body will let that fat go until it thinks everything is going to be fine.
Common sense is making a comeback. Discredited findings, diet nazis, and the fact that no two people feel the same way about the same eating regimen: a new study puts fat back where it belongs.
The advice you've been getting from the magazines and your girlfriends may be exactly what's holding you back.
Indulging is actually beneficial for your body when you earn it through compliant behavior to your nutrition strategy.
If years of neglect have gotten you where you are, a temporary diet is the worst possible tool for getting you back to health.
For those who want to be healthy, it's wise to eliminate soda from the diet completely.
As you get leaner, the battle against your body fat becomes harder.
You keep putting the weight back on because you never changed your lifestyle.
When it comes to dieting, we are often our own worst enemy. But there are ways to overcome that.
Being able to balance the intensity of an all-or-nothing approach to performance is both a blessing and a curse.
Most people say what others want to hear or try to achieve what they think they should want. The secret is to get clear on what you want.
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