As coaches, we learn best when we expose ourselves to different perspectives and challenges.
What can you do to make the commitment to yourself and muster up the discipline necessary to accomplish your goals?
Whether you are competing or working towards specific goals, you will always have a time that falls outside of your normal training cycles.
If you really want something significant from your own training, be prepared to put in the time and effort to understand the mechanisms behind your methods.
Most people don't want to exercise, but everyone needs to exercise. This plan will help.
Dealing with life’s beatdowns head on builds resilience and defines what it means to be human.
The take-home message here is simple: sometimes you have to be willing to listen to your body and back off.
If we don’t use our freedom to impose limitations then we will never be free.
Everyone knows what wall I’m talking about, and when you hit it, there’s no going through it. So how do we learn to begin with to go around it, so we never walk into it?
You have to take control of your fears.
Trusting the process means understanding your intention.
What could be more important than mastering yourself so that you can become the person you want to be?
The point of these workouts is to stay on track with your fitness rather than making up an excuse to skip.
Failure is hardly the worst thing that could happen.
The people who wake up and workout will almost always be more energized and happy than those who wake to Facebook and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Consider making your goals process-based as opposed to results-based.
The reason you’re lifting the same amount of weight after all this time is because you’ve never lifted more. Wait, what?