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How to use our bio-evolutionary programming to make our exercising in today's world more fun and interesting.
Exercises like the suitcase deadlift can keep you healthy or help rehab the damage that's already been done.
Being good at a sport doesn't mean you should be to overly specific with your training.
In the IWF rules, four cameras are used, one near each referee and another behind the platform.
What separates elite athletes from the rest is their investment and belief in their own success.
Father of three, full-time worker, and CrossFit Games athlete - this guy knows what it takes, so listen up.
Take your athleticism to the next level by having rules and enforcing training standards.
Mark McClusky's book, "Faster, Higher, Stronger," is full of good science and great stories.
A recent study followed world-class elite endurance athletes to find out more about how they trained.
Most of us will benefit far more from learning how the pros got to where they are, rather than what they do now.
The reason you’re mired in mediocrity is because you simply aren’t putting in the hours needed to get the result you want. Many people say they’re really committed, but few do the work.
The sport of Supercross BMX is a rapidly growing sport. Supercross BMX racing became an Olympic sport at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.
Athletes and coaches have long questioned the role that the menstrual cycle plays in a female athlete’s athletic performance.
Kettlebells are commonly used in athletic programming by strength and conditioning professionals, CrossFit athletes, elite athletes and recreational athletes
The intense training programs found in elite youth athletics today prior to, and during puberty, may have a significant effect on the sexual maturation of female athletes.
Many people do not automatically think of the word athlete when they think of race car drivers.
The CrossFit Games came to an exciting and exhilarating end this past Sunday at the Home Depot Center in Southern California. Here's a recap of each year's events and winners.