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Adults often underestimate the ability of kids to enjoy complex foods.
Despite Olympic success, America's youth are surprisingly unfit compared with other countries.
Your fitness journey doesn't end when you have children.
A child's healthy relationship with food starts with you.
Do you have health advice to share with your loved ones? Examine how you can be more effective at making a difference.
Running with a stroller is humbling and difficult, but it can also help you improve.
How do you know if your gym is a break from the stress or yet another burden to your clients? Ask yourself these questions.
Summer is almost over, so pick a date and plan for a night with no phone, no gym, and lots of delicious food.
Having a family can be a roadblock or an opportunity. It's up to you.
Competition can be ugly during early childhood. How can parents of young children get them started on the right foot?
#Family is like training - more is not necessarily better. Better is better.
This advice might not get you to peak performance, but it should help keep you from feeling old, tired, and sore every day.
Yoga helps keep kids physically active, but there are many more benefits for emotional support and bonding.
If you're considering doing a Whole30 in the future, here are some reflections from a teen's perspective.
Allow yourself to sacrifice time for exercise to see improvements in your career and personal life.
Preparation doesn't have to be boring. Have fun with this grocery list and meal plan.
Holiday get togethers can threaten your progress or they can make you stronger. It's up to you.
This year, I’m challenging myself (and you) to take the stress out of the holidays.