Despite Olympic success, America's youth are surprisingly unfit compared with other countries.
Coaches working with youth athletes need to keep them injury-free and constantly improving.
The best gift you can give any athlete is a solid foundation.
Youth today are unable to perform basic human movements, so the mission is to help them accumulate those skills.
The lessons kids learn on the field prepare them for life.
Don't fall victim to an industry whose interest is money, not your child's wellbeing.
Hypervigilant parenting may insulate your child from short-term risk, but it sets them up for long-term problems.
The main reason our kids don't exercise is that the message we give them about it is all wrong.
If fitness is a growing industry, why did the software giant back out?
You don't need world-class facilities to foster young athletic talent.
Organized sports are great for kids, but they're also risky - just like climbing trees.
Avoid the temptation to specialize your kids too early. Focus instead on intelligent progression and quality movement.
Your fitness journey doesn't end when you have children.
A child's healthy relationship with food starts with you.
You'd have a hard time coming up with a better recipe for obesity than the formula currently in use in school cafeterias.
Our education system is perpetuating our health crisis. These are the strategies to turn the tide.
Ask yourself whether the cost of pushing children down the path of expected elite performance is worth it. Because all the statistics say it isn’t.