friday flicks

This week's Friday Flick is a compilation of record-setting lifts by legendary powerlifter Ed Coan. Coan earned world titles in 4 different weight classes and is considered the best ever.
While most of us would never attempt any of these sports, they certainly are entrancing to watch. Snowboarding, BMX, auto-racing, surfing, and more. You've got to see this one.
This week - MMA phenom Jon "Bones" Jones. Jon Jones is the youngest UFC champion ever and seemingly unbeatable. This great highlight video shows off his ever-growing skills.
Football season in the U.S. has officially begun and with it comes some of the most amazing athleticism and brutal impact in modern sports. Watch this tackles highilght video for proof.
As a child, Duane was unable to use his legs. He still experiences "limitations," but he hasn't let it stop him from learning MMA and sharing his fighting spirit with others.
One of the best of the Dutch kickboxers ever and four-time K-1 Grand Prix champion, there is only one Ernesto Hoost. If you've never seen him fight, you need to watch this video.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week's hot topics - pelvic floor health, patience, Jack LaLanne, swimming, and more!
At the age of 12 Matthew Sanford would have thought becoming a yoga teacher was a crazy idea. At the age of 13 he was paralyzed from the chest down and it would be yoga that set him free.
Do you ever wonder what motivated the great Jack LaLanne to be so passionate about fitness? In this classic TV clip Jack shares the story of the early, and preventable, death of his father.
Get inside Usain Bolt's head as he explains what he's thinking during a 100m sprint. It may only take 9 seconds, but an endless stream of thoughts is going through his head.
An event that could only take place in the 1980s: the U.S. team head to head with the East Germans and Soviets in the finals of the 4x100. Would Flo Jo and Evelyn Ashford pull it off?
Get pumped to sit down and watch the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics Games by watching this amazing, heart-pounding highlight reel of the 2008 Beijing Games.
Clay Marzo is considered one of the best surfers on the planet. He does things no other surfer does. At the heart of Clay's talent, however, is his struggle with Asbgerger's syndrome.
There's no CrossFit Games without Chris Spealler, right? Well, this year he almost didn't make it. Check out this video from CrossFit HQ to learn more about the man behind the legend.
This week martial art superstar Michael Jai White and MMA fighter Kimbo Slice talk about boxing technique and how to properly throw a punch.
This week let's take a look at what "primal" fitness in the modern world can look like. Let's go on an outdoor adventure with Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat.
It's only three weeks until the 2012 Games begin! Check out this highlight in case you missed the 2011 Games or just want to refresh your memory and get excited!