Frog Fit Challenge

Every day is a challenge. You just step up and do the best you can then, you take a break, and start over again the next day.
Benchmark day rolls around again and a new set of challenges to test you.
Sometimes the simplest body part split can end up being the most crushing thing you do.
If you don't have access to a pull-up bar do push-ups.
It's a challenge because it is challenging. Today's workout may be short but it is intense.
You could say that today's workout is in the bag.
Friday's are benchmark days, 6 minutes to test yourself.
Today's challenge will take you through some twists and turns.
We're about a third of our way through this challenge, but Michael is only a one fifth of the way through 100 consecutive 20-mile runs.
The pull-ups in today's challenge add extra layers of difficulty.
The dumbbells are out today and they're moving in all directions.
This challenge is helping one veteran raise awareness about Veterans' Suicides. Deceptively simple, it will tax you.
This challenge can be followed by anyone. It is deceptively simple, and it doesn't take up a lot of your time.