Author: Michael McCastle

During Michael McCastle's 11 years of military service as an air traffic controller, he was deployed around the world. His passion for fitness and peak human performance eventually led him to work as an assistant fitness leader and mental conditioning coach for Naval Special Warfare candidates and top level athletes. With over a decade of experience, he continues to help business leaders, corporate teams, entrepreneurs, and athletes at all levels achieve peak performance in sport, business, and life. Michael has set 4 separate world records, and is a mental strength coach, certified personal trainer, public speaker, and founder of the Twelve Labors Project. Through this initiative, he uses feats of incredible endurance to heighten awareness and raise funds for philanthropic causes, including cancer research, wounded veterans, and Parkinson's disease research. His efforts have been covered by Men's Health, USA Today, The Navy Times, and a host of other media outlets. The increasingly difficult challenges Michael attacks are meant not only to test his own physical and mental limits, but to inspire others to live with purpose, stand for a cause greater than themselves, and relentlessly pursue their own goals.

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