goal setting

Indulging is actually beneficial for your body when you earn it through compliant behavior to your nutrition strategy.
The thought of death causes us to regain the self-esteem that protects us.
The magic of coaching is to change your perspective, and these three questions can help you do that for yourself.
Substitute a few healthier ingredients to traditional holiday recipes and still accommodate your nutritional goals.
Make sure the intelligence of your training is equal to the intensity.
Designing a well-rounded strength and conditioning routine must start with specific and clearly stated goals.
Cultivating resilience may be the secret to reaching your goals.
There is a massive gap between knowing what is healthy for us, and behaving accordingly.
Your “reality” is one that you have created.
Find a way to trick your brain to improve your body.
Instantly perform better by changing your mindset.
Are you doing things just to do them, or are they getting you closer to where you want to be?
The power of your goals should never be diminished by other people's standards.
Running a marathon is about the sum of the experience that gets you from the start to the finish.
The final phase is will set you up for lasting success beyond the conclusion of the program.
Phase two adds strength training and fine-tunes the habits you developed in weeks 1-4.
The first four weeks of this plan involve creating habits and mindfulness around food and exercise.