high intensity training

Your feelings don't matter! The higher the intensity, the less likely it is to feel "good." It's smart training and did we mention, your feelings don't matter.
Long, slow, unsexy work may not make you an internet celebrity, but it's essential to your health and athletic development.
Sneak away from your desk for six minutes for one of these brief but intense workouts.
Couch potatoes get more out of high-intensity workouts because they stick with it longer. Enjoyment plays a big part.
Natural production of collagen tends to decrease as we age, so finding ways to increase collagen production is a vital step toward mature joint health.
When it comes to getting fit and staying fit, the cost is the cost; there are no shortcuts.
Looking for a way to get fit, but don't have a lot of time to spare?
When you plan your HIIT sessions, don't underestimate the importance of rest intervals. Here's what the research says.
It seems that working hard consistently is out. These days it’s all about the minimum effective dose.