Breaking Muscle eBooks


Research sounds good but then you have to validate the source's credibility as a consultant to the dairy industry.
While not widely known by the fitness community, plant-based protein has several advantages.
Don't overlook the muscle-building benefits of fixed-resistance machines.
Understanding HSP's cellular role in the hypertrophy process could lead to your biggest gains yet.
This method allows you to pack a powerful workout into a short time frame.
Your goals dictate how much, how often, and how hard you lift.
Bodybuilding is about more than bicep curls; it's about creating a healthier, more muscular body for the long haul.
Focusing on one adaptation doesn't have to mean losing ground on another.
This program is the first step in your ongoing fight to get strong and stay that way.
Understanding the intricacies of different protocols will equip you for success in the gym.
Coaches are inundated with cool-looking, “sport-specific” exercises. But simplicity is the key to progress.
Lifting heavy is a great thing, but it's not all you need for continued muscle growth.
Society's obsession with work ethic is destroying the efficacy of your training.
Small, thoughtful changes to your methods can add up to big progress down the road.
Ask these questions to prepare for a successful muscle-building program.
In the struggle between doing what's fun versus what we need, the answer may be the proverbial spoonful of sugar.
If you always do everything, you will often hit plateaus. The trick is to regulate your variation with phases.
The key to perpetual muscular adaptation and growth is the introduction of unfamiliar stimuli.