Here's a quick way to build the type of muscle that is like the lean striated muscle of leopards not plumped up chicken breasts filled with water.
It can be hard to accept, or incorporate, ideas from another area when your current group is grounded upon certain principles.
If you struggle to lose weight eating the same amount of calories that once allowed you to weigh a lot less, then it is a good indication your metabolism needs some work.
Increasingly, functional versus nonfunctional training looks like a distinction without a difference.
Machines are not evil—work with them and they will work with you.
Competition, especially with oneself, is the epitome of motivation.
if you’re going to invest you time and money in a machine to build muscle, make it a cable.
Your hear should definitely feel it when you lift. Don't undervalue strength training.
Elevate your push ups with these training techniques.
If you want better pecs, you have to properly train all of the pecs.
Can some muscles tolerate more frequency than others?
It's still bodybuilding and most of the same tenets hold, plant-based or not. It's just about adapting what we know to work already.
Smart training is hard training, but hard training is not necessarily smart training.
Focusing on sets and reps takes your attention away from what matters most when it comes to building size.
Ask yourself, do you have a muscle building masterplan or are you just aimlessly meandering towards failure?
Research shows that many lifters simply aren't selecting high enough loads to make progress.
The more volume you do, the more you grow, but don't outgrow your capacity to recover.