You might not want to be a sprinter, but you definitely want a sprinter's legs.
Early in your lifting career, it's essential to create the habits that will let you train for a lifetime.
Some athletes need strength over bulk, and you can manipulate training to maximize strength gains while minimizing muscle size gains.
Your biceps might look good from the side, but that's no good if they look skinny from the front.
Toss out the clutter in your fitness life and get back to what has always worked.
There is a simple compromise that will give you the right balance of frequency and intensity to keep the gains coming.
What makes the concentric movement less effective in building muscle and strength is the same thing that makes it great as a conditioning tool.
Despite mountains of scientific evidence and all common sense, some gym legends refuse to go away.
This plan was developed for military and first responders, but its benefits can be had by all.
If you're still doing the same old program you did all of last year, do you expect it to work any better?
If the wheels have fallen off your progress, it's time to try something new to get rolling again.
The bad advice of yesteryear is still keeping skinny guys from adding mass today.
If you're embarrassed to wear shorts to the gym, it's time to do something about it.
You aren't permanently doomed to be scrawny; you just need a more intelligent plan.
You aren't going to get huge following a plan designed for a pro bodybuilder.
If you want to reshape your physique into that of a Greek statue with performance to match, this plan is for you.