Try these anywhere, anytime bodyweight exercises, and the killer deck of cards game to build a fun and challenging workout.
Get ready to jump, run, push, pull, drag, and carry with a level of capability you never had before.
The cross-flow of ideas from the military and civilian fitness worlds will improve both populations.
When you're training for an event as intense as Kokoro, there's no way around it - you have to put in a lot of work. Here's how I trained for success.
If you're serious about a career in the military, you need to be serious about strength and injury prevention.
Whether you're training for a rucking event or just want to improve fitness, there are few things you need to know before you get started.
From beginners facing the PFT for the first time to advanced trainees looking to ace the test for a special unit, Stew Smith has created an adaptable yet focused four- to twelve-week program for you.
I have seen thousands of fit people who train often but still fail fitness tests because they did not get specific in their training.
A new study suggests block periodization can help special operators avoid overtraining.
Too often, general tactical programs lack specific, transferrable value in the exercises and progressions.
Most people will hit their target within a month just by using more targeted training and diligent daily practice.
This test was created for the military, but anyone can use it to measure his or her fitness level. It can also be used to test the clients at your gym.
In our lines of work, we are often faced with little equipment and little time to spare. This workout can be done fifteen minutes before your shift or during a break.
Should mediation be used to make members of the military better at killing or business people better at business?
The Special Forces workouts for current and aspiring operators start today. This FAQ will help you get the most out of the program.
1RM tests are common in athletic contexts. A new study tested more functional tests for military personnel.
Military training protocols that include strength training, flexibility work, and other less common methods might be better.