muscle up

Wondering about false grip and how you can practice pulling yourself up on the rings? This week's video goes over the false grip, the toenail muscle up, and the false grip ring row.
This week we learn about the "support hold" - the finishing position for the muscle-up. The small details of the position are covered, as well as accessory exercises.
On our way to a muscle up, this week's focus is a "tight arch" - not that sloppy thing you call a superman, but a clean movement requiring strength, mobility, and coordination.
In part two of our road to the muscle-up, gymnastics expert and coach Dusty Hyland talks about the importance of the hollow position and how to practice the hollow hold.
Welcome to our new video series, Virtuosity, featuring gymnastics expert Coach Dusty Hyland. Today's video is the first in a series that will build you up to the coveted muscle-up.
Working on the gymnastic rings is a whole new world of difficulty. In this video I go over the ring dip and ring row - basic pushing and pulling movements for athletes of all levels.
You've seen the muscle-up on rings, but what about on the bar? The bar represents different challenges, but it equally rewarding to accomplish. Get tips from coach Traver Boehm!