Perfect macro meals can include more than plain chicken breast and rice.
According to this research, a diet that includes a moderate intake of fat and fruits and vegetables, and avoidance of high carbohydrates, is associated with lower risk of death
Researchers say, energy drink users might be at heightened risk for other substance use, particularly stimulants.
Researchers analyzed statistical features from close to 44,000 photographs on Instagram, using algorithmic face detection, color analysis, and metadata components.
When you improve, so must your training and nutrition.
Eating clean wholesome foods nourishes you, energizes you, and makes you feel physically and mentally strong.
Sometimes when you're hungry, it's not for food. Your body might be desperately signaling for something else. Here are four things you might be "hungry" for, instead of that tub of ice cream.
This thing is a one-step shortcut to your weekly meal prep.
Food labels tell you what's in the food, how many calories a food item contains, and how much sugar, sodium, fat, and carbohydrates you're getting with each serving. Is that enough?
We have to value food and take an interest in what we are putting in our bodies.
When you are facing menopause, it’s worth knowing a few hacks that will help you cope during this phase.
Knowing your mind and body gives you a huge advantage over how successful your diet will be.
Mediterranean Canellini Bean Salad.
Invest in your health and sanity then the rest of the puzzle will fall into place later.
Traveling for vacation or work does not mean you have to regress because of bad nutrition or missed workouts.
By changing your mindset and setting yourself up for success, it is possible to maintain your nutritional program while still enjoying your summer.
This study looked at how decadent-sounding descriptions can increase vegetable consumption drastically.