old school

The pioneers of bodybuilding didn't get to look like Greek gods with a bunch of cable curls.
Compared to the lengths and extremes of men of yesteryear, modern man under-trains, under-eats, and under-rests.
In the golden pre-steroid era, spectacular gains were made using primitive methods and regular food.
Plyometrics are a classic way to build explosive power.
The dragon flag will train your core to awesome levels of tension and control - just like Rocky.
Incorporate these submissions to surprise opponents and improve your BJJ game.
Are those people hanging from the TRX in the gym actually getting a workout?
There are a lot of fancy ways to measure progress in endurance sports, but a new study suggests all you really need is a heart rate monitor and GPS - or a watch and map if you're really old school.
Old-school training is gaining popularity and might be fun, but it also has its pitfalls. Here are my thoughts on old vs. new school, and my rules for training old school safely.
This routine is a time-proven means of becoming stronger and larger (all other factors being equal). It should be used sparingly because it is extremely demanding. Let's go old school.
There was one place that the old school calisthenics never died out; a place where the older systems were perfectly preserved, like an ancient insect trapped in amber - in prisons.
Chris digs out his old school powerlifting gear this week to prepare for the multiply nationals - his goal is to qualify for Worlds and also compete next year at the Arnold Sports Festival.