Approach your workout with the enthusiasm and focus of a master honing his craft and you will reap the benefits.
When you improve, so must your training and nutrition.
Good programming is essential but is still secondary to an understanding of quality movement and intelligent progression.
Your success as a coach is defined by the growth you can spur in your athletes.
Unchecked frustration becomes resignation and then apathy.
A fitness fairy tale about finding just the right resistance.
When your initial wave of progress grinds to a halt, some simple program modifications can get you moving again.
Getting bogged down in unnecessary sophistication will always play second fiddle to mastering the things that count.
The price and weight gaps can make moving to a bigger kettlebell intimidating, but here's how to progress logically and safely.
If you've decided to build your own training plan from the ground up, here's how to get started.
These pieces have caught your attention throughout the week. So here they are in one place for you to consume, digest, and enjoy.
Keeping a training log will expose when to increase weight and reps to optimize your gym efforts. Don't train for nothing.
Before you get all elite, you might need to dial back to the fundamentals that exist in and outside the gym.
Try as you might, your squat is stuck. And it has been for a while. Let's look at the underlying causes to fix the problem.
My personal aim is to always find the best and easiest solution that will also deliver the most benefit.
The body will respond to anything you throw at it, but the kettlebell is a unique beast that requires high technique and low complexity.
Follow these eight programming principles, and you can run an ultra marathon in twelve months, too.