Strengthen your muscles and joints to handle rotational movements to benefit you in sports and in life.
A great way to approach core stability and coordination is to look at how the body works during gait.
A braced and neutral spine is useful in the gym, but the real world demands that you can bend, twist, and rotate safely and with power.
The movement asymmetry in martial arts can lead to big problems with your spine, but there are two simple moves that will help prevent any issues.
Tennis isn't as innocuous for the health of your body as it may seem.
Train unfamiliar patterns to force your body to adapt and build resilience.
Core strength and stability are built with movements like this, not trying to balance on a BOSU ball.
I'll help you determine if rotational training is right for you and provide some tips to do it well.
Your abs are no different than your other muscles. Work them hard within reasonable repetition ranges.
When people come to see me and say they want to improve their running, I often will work with them on crawling and rolling. I always look for the easiest fix, and here's my logic behind this.
Lunges have long been maligned as being an exercise for sissies. I’m not sure why or how this gym myth has been kept up for so long, but it’s time to stop it.
The Rotater is an awesome product for shoulder stretching or strengthening for rehab. It works best for internal and external rotation. Something many of us are lacking.