shoulder mobility

These stretches will help you get started on taking control of your shoulder health.
The importance of small details, long-term dedication, commitment, and striving for high-quality handstands will pay off.
Resistance band exercises and dead hangs aren't going to cure everyone. If you suffer from shoulder pain, try these protocols.
Embrace your neighborhood park to reclaim freedom of movement in your shoulders.
Active flexibility, power, and building strength in a position of mechanical disadvantage are just some of the benefits of including kettlebells in your workouts.
You can't have a solid handstand if your shoulders aren't stable and strong in an overhead position.
Learn to feel how your shoulders operate, and you'll be able to safely access a wider range of motion.
What follows are simple hands-on tests that can determine where your injury lies.
A great exercise for all round shoulder health.
Nothing will expose your mobility or stability problems faster than squatting with a weight over your head.
If you only train movement straight up and down, it leaves you weak for the challenges of real life.
Find out how to take care of your most complex series of joints to improve your lifting and overall shoulder health.
Develop upper-body strength and mobility with this challenging kettlebell exercise.
These exercises will build the foundation for lifting heavy weight overhead.
There's nothing like a face-off with tusk-equipped wildlife to make you reevaluate how you feel about running.
For those of you who sit for work or do a lot of driving, these exercises will settle your shoulders back where they need to be.
You spend thirty minutes on your warm up but you're still not making any gains. What gives?