You've had a nice break. Now it is time to get back into a new cycle of lifting and, hopefully, some personal gains.
Romanian deadlifts add to some fancy leg work to finish off the week.
It's a rare occasion when the OHS makes its way into the programming.
Back to basic movements today.
After yesterday's heavy workout, you switch to some power moves for today.
Make like a frog today and jump.
It's here. After 21 days you are ready to hit the century mark. Good luck.
Respect this rest day because next time we're going to be finishing this challenge on a high note.
You should be feeling it today but if you have been keeping up with the challenge, you'll so be energized for the endpoint.
You had a good max day so, today we can take a little break and try some remedial work.
It's singles to max day. You know you've been waiting for it.
You should definitely be starting to hold on to the kettlebell for longer spells and feeling better as the reps go up again.
It's rest day, and we're going to need it before we hit the home stretch on this challenge.
It's a true rest day because you have a big day tomorrow so, respect it.
It's a short week this week because we are going to try and max out.
Today, why not try speeding up the pace.
We're going to bring down the reps again as we get closer to our day of reckoning.