strength and conditioning

Work on your skills in kettlebell lifts today.
The airbike great for fat loss and it provides a gut check like no other piece of cardio equipment in the gym.
Understand weight ratios and frequency of lifting between front and back squats. Make your clean and jerk roar.
Strong challenging day with total body movements taking precedence.
Punishing leg day if you're up for it.
Let's get some challenging core work done today and really feel it at the end.
A day for some solid strength building.
The first of the workout week is usually among the most challenging.
Since we spend roughly a third of our lives asleep, I think it is important that we understand this process more, especially with regard to recovery from physical exercise.
Heavy lunges kick-off the last set of workouts for the week.
Balance and locomotion, lower risk of injury, and quality of breathing - possessing a strong neck has an upside for anyone.
Aggressive, violent, and tough. Smashing tires, and turning muscle into rock.
Working out as a team will not only push each member to build their fitness, but enhance teamwork and camaraderie.
You are never too advanced for skill work in any realm. Work on ground-to-floor lifts with jumping variations.
Plenty of hard work today with TGUs and a nice chipper.
Benchmark day and it gets quite "beastly."