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Changing things up in our third week of workouts from Zach Even-Esh - tire flips, pull ups, and farmers walks.
We round out the week with a lower body workout courtesy of Underground Strength coach Zach Even-Esh.
Week 2 from coach Zach Even-Esh continues with a day focused on upper body strength.
Week 2 of our 4 week cycle of workouts from Underground Strength coach Zach Even-Esh!
Day three of our first week with Zach Even-Esh. Today is about the lower body - squats, sprints, and kettlebell swings.
Our second day of training with coach Zach Even-Esh. Today is focused on the upper body - pushing and pulling, followed up by some cardio and core work.
For Zach Even-Esh, leader of the Underground Strength Nation, his personal journey to the underground has been a rollercoaster of emotion, injuries, and learning.
Welcome to our first week of workouts designed by Zach Even-Esh, leader of the Underground Strength Nation. Zach's workouts are all about hard core, old school strength and conditioning.
Our final day of strength training from the minds of world-class coaches, Mark Bell and Chris Duffin. Time to bench press!
We are nearing the end of our three weeks of strength training based on the methodology of Mark Bell of the Super Training Gym.
Like week 2, day 2 - only heavier! Jump in on this strength programming from Mark Bell and Chris Duffin.
Work the back today with this strength workout written by Chris Duffin based on the methodology of champion lifter and world-class coach Mark Bell.
Not sure what sort of assistance work to do with your main strength lifts? Check out this programming from Chris Duffin for some great ways to supplements your squats.
Week 2 of strength workouts from Mark Bell and Christopher Duffin - today is all about working the shoulders and upper body.
The end of our first week of training with world-class powerlifter Mark Bell, of The Super Training Gym, and Chris Duffin, of Elite Performance Center.
Mark Bell, owner of Super Training Gym and star of the popular and controversial documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster, tells us about growing up being bullied and becoming a powerlifter.
I've been a powerlifter for 15 years, but recently I learned a lesson that I need to respect my body in order to grow it. Don't make the mistake I did - lift heavy, but listen to your body!