strength and conditioning

Unchecked frustration becomes resignation and then apathy.
Weight today is self-scaled and challenging- have a back-up plan in sight if position breaks with initial chosen weight.
Make minor weight adjustments as needed to complete strong, uninterrupted sets.
Today, any drop from the bar results in a punishment.
CrossFit’s next contribution should be to send a very real message of responsibility in proper training and appropriate program design.
This program and additional reading will not only get you into the best shape of your life, but will help you to begin to understanding your mind/body/spirit in a deeper way.
What are the important differences in exercise selection between the front and back barbell squats, and when might one be more appropriate than the other.
Count reps in all rounds- keep effort high and pace strong, and attempt to match throughout.
Think positive. Train Hard. Have fun. Be kind.
Pace is not a substitute for position, even in simple movements.
If you have trouble with your knees, give these favorites a try.
If a consistent sticking point is identified, add a 2/1000 pause to each rep and improve the position.
The secret to perpetual success is to perpetually take chances on new ideas, even if what you’re doing now is working.
Kick it off with kettlebells and keep going until you hit squats.
Invest in your health and sanity then the rest of the puzzle will fall into place later.
If designated kettlebell swing weight does not pose a significant challenge, add a “Power swing” component by dragging the weight down just as viciously as you drive it up.
If you struggle with your shoulders during exercises where your hand is fixed, redirect your attention to your hand and wrist mobility.