Create Your Own New Beginning

If it doesn’t challenge you then it won’t change you, and change is needed for growth.

A new beginning, fresh start, reinvention, mulligan, or do-over are all terms that we tend to equate with major life changes—the beginning (or end) of a relationship, a move across the country, a new apartment or house, birth of a child, or starting a new job. I was once told that if it doesn’t challenge you then it won’t change you, and change is needed for growth. Don’t resist change and the opportunity to start new.

Use changes and new beginnings to reinvent yourself. Here, I’ve outlined five things you can do to help you during the process of your rediscovery.

Write Your Obituary

I know this seems morbid and crazy, but hear me out. When you start with the end in mind you can then go to work on creating a better life in the meantime in order to live up to your own expectations. Writing an obituary is an incredible way to drive yourself into a deep thought process and all you to make very big decisions. Once you write your obituary, you create some clarity as to who you want to become, the things you want to possess, the family life you want, and the career best suited to get you there.

Take the Next Opportunity

Richard Branson once said, “Opportunities are like buses, there is always another coming around the corner.” People who live a fulfilled life take advantage of opportunity when it arises. Whether it is to travel to a place unknown or join in a new business venture, treat yourself to a new beginning by allowing yourself to take the opportunity. There is no greater feeling in life than shedding your insecurities and trying something new.

Go On a Fast or Cleanse

There is no better way to kick off a new beginning than with a cleanse. Treat your body to a cleanse and rid yourself of toxins, let go of food to a great degree so the digestive system can go offline, and promote detoxification. A cleanse involves letting go of other non-food stimuli—things like television, your computer, annoying co-workers, and all the details that clutter our minds in normal daily life. Cleanses work best when they happen in both the body and the mind, plain and simple.

Start Meditating

Our minds and bodies are like satellites. If we are not pointed the right direction we end up picking up too many signals and the result is scattered. All of us need clarity, especially when we are about to hit summer. Meditation points our satellite in the right direction and helps create more clarity. Allowing yourself to meditate will open up more pathways than you ever thought existed.

Do That One Thing You’ve Been Putting Off

We all have that one thing in our life we just need to get done. It has been sitting on your to-do list for months, or maybe years, and you just haven’t done it. Maybe it’s a home improvement project or a conversation with a loved one you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s a job you want to leave or a relationship you want out of. Whatever it is, once it’s off your plate you know you’ll feel better. But the longer you wait the bigger it becomes. It’s time to get it done—make today the day.

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