“Eat the Yolks” (Book Review)

Liz Wolfe's ability to ride the line between stick-to-your-guns and reasonable makes this one of the best nutrition books I've read in years.

Whether you’ve never heard of paleo, are curious about what it is, or are already a paleo diet zealot, you should check out a book I recently read called Eat the Yolks.

This book isn’t just about the paleo diet, it’s about the principles behind it. In my opinion, it’s the only book I’ve read so far that gets paleo right. The point of following eating recommendations like the paleo diet is to be healthier and to perform better. This simply can’t be done with the common narrow-minded approach that many take to paleo eating.

This book’s author, Liz Wolfe of Real Food Liz, instead advocates for healthy eating. As she points out often in the book, this just so happens to look a lot like what we call the paleo diet. Wolfe is a nutrition therapist, meaning she makes people healthier through the therapeutic use of food. She also happens to be an adept writer with a knack for making an otherwise dry topic come across as casual and often funny.

About the Book

Eat the Yolks begins with an introduction to Wolfe’s vision of paleo. After that, the bulk of the book surrounds the three macronutrients, with a section on each. After that is a separate section dedicated to micronutrients, and then she brings it all together with a brief 100-word statement about her global view of nutrition.

The detail for each nutrient is both broad and deep. For example, if you’re wondering what the deal is with salt, you won’t just learn about the science and common sense about this nutrient, but you’ll even learn tidbits of history and other information. This change of pace keeps familiar information fresh and makes a book about nutrition an actual page-turner. That’s rare for this type of book, especially when you add in her humor.

Why You Should Read This Book

I’m a nutritionist myself, and I believe whole-heartedly that a nutrition plan resembling paleo is probably the best diet for health and longevity. However, I find the dogmatism of many hard-and-fast diets to be both off-putting and not ideal for actual nutrition purposes. This is where Wolfe differs, and honestly, it’s the biggest reason to read this book. She has a moderate outlook on the rigors of a thoroughgoing diet and approaches each subject through a lens of reason.

For example, Wolfe doesn’t shy away from the controversy over whether or not we should drink milk. She has a section on milk in the book, and actually advocates for the consumption of a specific kind. Despite the fact that this would be viewed as heretical by many other paleo lovers, Wolfe doesn’t shy away from the topic and explains exactly why she feels the way she does about it. And, in my opinion, she is 100% correct, whereas many other authors and experts fall flat on their faces.

It’s Not Just About Eggs

My only problem with this book is the title. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s catchy and is in the spirit of what the book is about. It also hints at Liz’s humor, so it might seem odd that I put this in the “cons” section in the chart.

The problem is, many people do indeed judge a book by its cover. When I first looked at this book, not knowing anything about it, I saw the title and a picture of an egg and wondered, “How is this a whole book about egg yolks?” This great book might get overlooked by some people who could benefit from it.

I think Wolfe’s book is an amazing and entertaining read for everyone, not just paleo enthusiasts. It rides the perfect line between funny but informative and stick-to-your-guns but reasonable. Eat the Yolks is of the best books on nutrition I’ve read in the last several years.

“Eat the Yolks” is available for $18.19 at Amazon.com.